30 Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas for a Deep-Sea Sleep

nautical themed bedroom ideas

A cool sea breeze, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy shore, the warmth of the sun on your eyes. All fond memories of my time camping on the beaches of Ibiza. So I totally get why you are looking for some nautical themed room ideas to bring that charming ocean calm to your place of rest.

So to help you on your decor voyage, we have gathered some of the best ideas for creating that maritime mood in your bedroom. So all hands on deck and let's get to it!

Nautical Themed Room Ideas for Deeper Sleep

1. Driftwood


What else says seaside then some natural driftwood? The unique patterns, textures, and shapes of driftwood make it a great material fun to work with! Use it for the legs of a side table, dangle some shells off of it and hang it up as a decoration, or display it on a shelf.

The possibilities are endless when you want to transform your ordinary-looking bedroom into a nautical themed bedroom!

2. Nautical Nets


I adore how something so simple as a fishing net can bring so much texture to an otherwise ordinary wall. The fishing net is a subtle yet striking feature that will tie the whole design together.

3. Treasure Chest


Arr! Can ye think of a better way to store ye treasure than an old treasure chest? Forget that storage bench you put at the end of the bed. Instead, find yourself an antique treasure chest to store extra blankets for the cold stormy nights.

4. Whites and Blues


There are a few different color schemes you could go with when planning your nautical bedroom. I will mention a few others below. However, we suggest keeping it light and airy. White like the sand on the beach and blue like the ocean below your boat.

5. Lots of Light


Let that light in and take in the view outside. Keeping your room bright will accentuate the whites in your decor. When you close your eyes, the heat of the sun on your eyelids will bring you back to those sunny days out at sea.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will also make the room feel bigger which is always a nice bonus.

6. Coastal Decor Details


Images of waves, hidden sailboats, cheerful seagulls, sailing knots, these are all ideas that you can look for in your decor. Keep your eyes peeled for compasses, crates, and maps that you can place around the room for extra appeal.

Nautical knick-knacks can bring a room from drab to fab!

7. Coastal Prints


Some handsome coastal prints are circling out there on the internet for reasonable prices. Unique outlines of vintage ships, soft ocean views, and pirate portraits will all add an artistic touch to your nautical themed bedroom. Soon enough your bedroom will be pretty as a picture.

8. Shiplap Paneling


Wood paneling in the bedroom will make you feel like you are in the deckhouse below the captain's great cabin. Or perhaps it will remind you of that coastal beach house you rented in Florida.

Either way, it’s a great way to add dimension and texture to the room. We suggest painting the panels white to keep the room bright and stylish.

9. Bold Stripes


Just like a sailor's garments! Bold stripes in navy blues and whites are a dead give-away for a nautical theme. The bedsheets are a great place to display this fun and bold pattern. However, you could also try a rug or a feature wall.

10. Rope

nautical rope

Rope details are just one more necessity when coming up with nautical themed bedroom ideas. It could be something subtle like in this decorative rope mirror. Or it could be much more prominent like stringing it between your bedposts.

11. Compasses


Look out for furniture pieces that have displays of compasses. Or, if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, you can DIY it! Find the printable template you like and spray paint it on to an existing furniture piece. Voila!

12. Shabby Chic Furniture


Have you ever “shabby-chic'ed” before? It’s how you can get this cool distressed look. If you follow a step-by-step tutorial you can DIY something pretty neat.

Or, if you aren’t the crafty type, there are lots of online shops that sell shabby chic items. This distressed look on your furniture will make it seem antique and rustic. Just another great design trick for your nautical themed bedroom ideas.

13. Feature Lighting


The right light can make all the difference in a design. Look for antique pieces, or lights with nautical touches like the one displayed here. Where do you put it though? We suggest hanging it above the bed for an eye-catching and functional option.

14. Bottles in Blue


Whether it’s a bottle with an SOS from a stranded pirate on a deserted island or an empty rum bottle, most ships have them somewhere on board. My mom loves collecting old blue bottles from vintage stores and they add the perfect pop of color to the neutral tones.

15. Old Wooden Frames


When planning on how to hang your new nautical themed prints, we recommend old wooden frames. Dark wood against a white wall framing pretty blues is the perfect accent. You can find them online, at thrift stores, or my favorite place to look is at local garage sales!

16. Sea-Loving Wallpaper


If you are keeping the decor simple, then you can consider going a little more wild with the walls. A fun wallpaper showing ocean waves crashing into each other, or perhaps one with a subtle sand texture, will do just the trick. If you want to do something unique, try wallpaper!

17. Contrasting Patterns


Just like the contrasting patterns of nature under the sea, you can still find harmony in opposition. Bold stripes representing the straight line of the horizon, chevron points like the tide coming into shore, and diamonds like the scales on a fish.

Inspire yourself with patterns you see out at sea.

18. Shells and Pebbles


If you have ever been to a beach, I am sure you are guilty of collecting and taking home shells, pebbles, coral, driftwood, or even sea glass. Now you finally have somewhere to show it all off!

Fill your shelves with these little treasures, and, soon enough, you will feel like you're waking up on a sandy beach.

19. Frosted Window


A classy alternative for curtains. Giving the appearance of etched glass this nautical-themed frost will make a great addition to your bedroom design. Gain the two-way privacy you are looking for without sacrificing natural light.

20. Nautical Hardware


Using upcycled hardware from old boats and ships is a great way to add small details to your bedroom design. Rope cleats can make for charming drawer pulls or even door handles. It's a very clever way to reuse something otherwise going to waste.

21. Pops of Red


Pops of red like the not-so-friendly crab who wanders along the shoreline. The brightly colored red coral that is hiding fish in the reef. Or how about the red stripes of a life saver you hopefully never have to use?

Red is a great color to use as an accent against a blue and white base.

22. Royal Blues and Golds


A bedroom fit for an Admiral! A deep royal blue with trims of gold gives a regal feeling. Mix that with some vintage nautical items, and soon, you’ll have the feeling that you are headed out to sea to discover new lands. Ahoy! Land-Ho!

23. Detailed Bed Frame


I am in love with this cleverly-made bed frame! Those waves splashing behind your pillows bring such a quirky and fun feeling to a room. Pair that with some model ships and beachy decor and, you’re cruising your way to finishing up your nautical bedroom.

24. Minimalistic Marine


If you are a true sailor, you probably don’t have much. An old lantern in the corner, some rustic furniture, and a bed to sleep on. If you are a simple person or are on a budget, you can create an equally stylish and comfortable bedroom with just a few things.

Also, check out that shabby-chic dresser bringing a rustic charm to the room. Love it!

25. Pretty Paddles


This bedroom found a delightful way to display old oars as an accent wall. It draws the eye's attention with its natural wooden tones. Hang them in an asymmetrical layering pattern to get an extra chic look. Add it to your list of nautical themed bedroom ideas.

26. Iron Frames


Check out that vintage iron bed frame. Absolutely dreamy! It gives me a sort of 18th century, Pirates of the Caribbean vibe. Mix that with some shiplap walls and navy blue decorative pillows and you’re pretty much done!

27. Side Lamp


The way that the rope lamp is hanging seems oddly precarious but is delicately placed to give a careless feel. Two lamps like these hung symmetrically above each bedside table would be a lovely addition to your new themed room.

28. Attention to Roof Detail


Wow! I mean just look at that extra hard work that was put into this ceiling, making the nautical bedroom even more luxurious than it was. The shiplap panels continue onto the roof in a soft blue and then are highlighted with soft white beams. This makes the room feel even bigger than it naturally is.

29. Accent Wall


Okay, so we have considered the shiplap panels painted white, and we have considered some nautical wallpaper, now it’s time to consider this vertical panel accent wall! I adore the texture it brings to the room. It’s very subtle yet makes a huge difference in tying the whole look together.

30. The Loft Bed


If you have the ceilings for it, I would consider adding a loft bed. Not only does it add a lot of extra space to your room but, it will soon become your nautical nook. There is something so cozy about crawling into bed with low ceilings. It’s just like sleeping in the cabin of a boat!