The Pros & Cons of Polyester Bed Sheets

The most common materials used to make bedsheets are polyester and cotton. Polyester bed sheets use an artificial fiber that forms through a chemical reaction called polymerization.

Since people can produce polyester in industries, it is cheaper than cotton and bamboo, which occur naturally.

Polyester is the simplest form of synthetic fiber and undergoes mass production worldwide. It has many uses, including making pillows, stuffed toys, and Polyester bed sheets, which many people prefer to use.

Polyester Bed Sheets

Since bedding fabrics are available in both cotton and polyester, often, it is difficult to choose the best option out of the variety of materials available.

Polyester is undoubtedly a highly affordable option for bed sheets and upholstery. It does not form wrinkles, is durable and is easy to wash and dry.

Also, there are several varieties of polyester available in the market, depending on the thickness of the thread.

However, using polyester bed sheets also has some disadvantages. Since polyester has petroleum, it does not allow the fabric to breathe, making you hot and sweaty.

Polyester tends to soak oil and moisture to which dirt and dust adhere, making it problematic to keep the bed sheets spotless. To gain a deeper insight into the Pros & Cons of Polyester Bed Sheets, continue reading the article below.

What are the Pros of Polyester Bed sheets?

pros of polyester bed sheets

There are many pros of polyester bed sheets that attract buyers worldwide. Hence it is not surprising that the polyester fabric industry is highly lucrative, generating billions of dollars every year.

Given below are some of the most notable pros of polyester bed sheets.

1. Affordable and Consistent Price

Manufacturers make polyester bed sheets using synthetic fiber, which is always available, so the cost of the bed sheets is usually unchanging and stable.

Likewise, along with being relatively constant, the price is comparatively lesser because people manufacture polyester in large quantities.

2. Lightweight and Smooth

Polyester bed sheets are durable but low weight, making them easy to handle alone. Polyester sheets have high volume, which decreases their weight and makes them very comfortable and soft.

Polyester bedding has a smooth and velvety touch, mimicking the appearance of silk that gives a rich sophistication to your interior design.

3. Durable and Sturdy

The fibers people use to create polyester are strong, making the fabric long-lasting and durable. This is perhaps one of the most notable pros of polyester bed sheets because the durability of the fabric makes it easy to maintain them.

Polyester bed sheets can retain their look even after repeated washing, therefore, earning the title of sturdy linens.

4. Hassle and Wrinkle-free

hassle and wrinkle-free

Polyester has a smooth, unwrinkled appearance even without ironing. Polyester bed sheets do not require regular ironing, which makes it easier for people to use them in place of cotton bed sheets that crease easily.

Even with constant use, polyester bed sheets retain their shape and appearance.

5. Resists Shrinkage

A major problem with cotton bed sheets is that constant washing causes the fabric to shrink, forcing the user to discard it and buy a new one.

One of the pros of polyester bed sheets is that they do not tend to shrink easily, unlike other materials. Instead, polyester bed sheets resist changes in shape and length because of their synthetic threads.

6. Easy Washing and Drying

Polyester is a strong fabric that requires very little care and maintenance. Because it provides such ease in maintenance, many families prefer using polyester bed sheets instead of others.

This cost-effective fabric is also lightweight, which makes it easy to wash alone. Additionally, it dries quickly.

7. Appropriate for a Cooler Weather

People who live in colder regions or generally get chilly easily are ideal customers for Polyester bed sheets because they are excellent insulators of heat energy.

Using polyester bedding in cold weather helps retain body heat, keeping you warm in bed and ensuring quality sleep.

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What are the Cons of Polyester Bed Sheets?

cons of polyester bed sheets

Similarly, there are also a few cons of polyester bed sheets. The most apparent disadvantages of using polyester bed sheets are discussed below.

1. Too Hot for Summers

People who get hot easily or in extremely hot weather conditions should refrain from using polyester bed sheets because they retain body heat, making you feel uncomfortable and hot.

It is an insulator of heat and it prevents the hot air from escaping that can make you sweat at night, disturbing your sleep.

2. Sensitive to Temperature

One of the cons of polyester bed sheets is that they are temperature sensitive and can get easily damaged by heat.

Hence you must be careful while washing them and shouldn’t use boiling or hot water. Likewise, be careful while ironing them to prevent burns.

For full instructions on how to best care for your polyester bedsheets, check out this guide from Bed Sheet 360.

3. Can Cause Skin Problems

can cause skin problems

Polyester bed sheets have synthetic fibers that can adversely react with human skin. Polyester can irritate sensitive skin, causing allergies that lead to painful rashes and itchy skin.

The most common skin allergy occurring in people with sensitive skin after using polyester bed sheets is Textile Dermatitis. Hence people prone to skin problems should avoid using polyester bedding.

4. Slippery

Polyester has a slippery texture compared to cotton. Polyester bed sheets can keep slipping off the mattress with a bit of movement, which can be aggravating.

Therefore, every time you sit on the bed, you may have to readjust the bed sheet to make the bed look neat and clean.

5. Traps Moisture

One of the cons of polyester bed sheets is that this fabric readily retains moisture leading to unsightly stains. The fabric also tends to absorb oil and sweat, which attracts dirt, making it hard to keep the bed sheet looking clean.

6. Tendency to Pill

While using polyester bed sheets, you will have to avoid applying any lotions or moisturizers on your body before going to bed as the polyester sheet is prone to developing tiny pills because of the moisture.

This causes discomfort, which ruins the quality of your sleep.

7. Prone to Static Build-up

One of the cons of polyester bed sheets is that it tends to enable the build-up of static electricity.

Thus, in addition to receiving a slight electric shock during cooler weather, the static will also attract hair, dust, and other debris. This accumulation of dirt on your bed can be harmful to your skin.

For more info check out this video by The Green Closet on youtube, to learn more about the pros and cons of common bedding fabrics.

Pros & Cons of Polyester Bed Sheets – Conclusion

Now you must have a clear idea of the pros & cons of polyester bed sheets. Although the pros of polyester bed sheets outweigh the cons, experts recommend using bed sheets that have a combination of materials. One of the most popular blends includes cotton polyester bed sheets.

The remarkable feature of such sheets is that they offer the pros of both kinds of materials. In this blend, the sheets are comfortable, smooth, and soft.

Additionally, they do not crease easily and are long-lasting and sustainable. Moreover, since they feature a blend of cotton and polyester, they are mid-range in terms of price.

Hence you should opt for a blended sheet. When shopping for bed sheets, notice the percentage of each material in the blend. If more than 30% of the blend features polyester, the sheet will be thicker, allowing less air to pass.

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