The 7 Best Pirates Bedding Sets for your Home

Looking for the best pirates bedding sets for your home? We've got you covered! Bedding sets are a great way to liven up your bedroom or bring more imagination to your child’s world.

Pirates are fascinating and fun voyagers of the sea, bringing home gold and jewels, and meeting fantastical animals out on the waves. Bring some of their exciting life into your own home with themed pirates bedding sets.

Bedding sets can come in a wide range of sizes and collection types. You may just find a fitted sheet, or you may find a complete set with sheets, pillowcases, duvets, and more. There are also many pirates bedding sets perfectly sized to work for child-sized and toddler-sized beds.

Pirate bedding sets are a great way to start a theme in the room or add to an existing pirate or nautical theme you already have going. Use any of the sets in your own bedroom, your child’s bedroom, or in a guest bedroom to give visitors something unique to sleep on.

Choosing the Right Bedding Sets for your Home

Bedding sets are normally a multiple-piece pack that includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcase, and duvet. However, depending on the style and the brand name, there may be fewer or more pieces.

You may also be able to mix and match pieces from a couple of unique sets to create the best nautical and pirate-themed combination that works in your existing decor. As with all bedding sets, you can find a variety of sizes. These normally include twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

However, you may also be able to find toddler, youth, bunk, or other sizes to suit your unique needs. Double-twin and extra-long or extra-wide sizes are possible with some bedding sets but will depend entirely on the brand and what the manufacturer is capable of making.

The 7 Best Pirates Bedding Sets for your Home

1. Little Tikes Pirate Bedding for a Toddler


  • Perfect size for crib and toddler mattresses.
  • Child-friendly design will not scare your little ones.
  • Fits into a nautical-themed decor very easily.


  • Only found in toddler or crib sizes.

This bedding is the perfect size for a smaller toddler bed or crib mattress. It includes a whimsical and fun pirate design that is not scary for even the smallest child.

The design features a cute little pirate ship, a pirate flag, and blue background showing the outlines of a treasure map.

2. Grey Pirate Themed Bedding for a Child


  • Youth-friendly and whimsical pirate skull design.
  • Available in Twin size to fit most standard beds.
  • Colors are made to match most decors and nautical themes.


  • The image may be too childish or repetitive for some people.

This bedding set is perfect for your little swashbuckler and features a stormy gray-colored background with cartoonish pirate skull and crossbones repeating designs.

It’s available in twin sizes, so will work for children as well as teens. The colors are muted and not overly bright so it can fit into a wide range of different decor styles.

3. Pirates and Treasure Hunting Themed Bedding


  • Images show a variety of pirate-type images to suit most decor styles.
  • Perfect set of images for pirates-at-heart and nautical-themed rooms.


  • Does not include a fitted or top sheet.

If you’re looking for a fun and whimsical treasure hunting feel, this bedding has it covered.

It features images of pirate skulls, large treasure chests, and maps with a variety of pirate and nautical related images such as a pirate ship, the ship's wheel, and a compass.

The bedding would be great for any age and comes in twin, full, and queen sizes to fit most beds.

4. Erosebridal Nautical Pirate Ship Bedding


  • Available in most standard sizes including Twin, Full, Queen, and King.
  • Set includes a fitted sheet and pillowcase.
  • The bedding set would match with a variety of existing decor styles.


  • Does not include a duvet or comforter.

This set is perfect for more mature teenagers or adults. It features muted color tones and detailed images of pirate ships and treasure maps. The neutral cyan and tan colors make this set a perfect addition for any existing nautical or pirate-themed room.

5. Feelyou Skull Island and Pirate Decor Bedding


  • Includes a duvet cover and pillowcases.
  • Can be purchased in all standard bed sizes from Twin to King.
  • Perfect for all ages and both genders.


  • Whimsical design is not suitable for serious or mature areas of the home.
  • Set does not include fitted sheets.

For more of a whimsical Treasure Island feel, this bedding stands above the rest. It features a large image of Skull Island where a treasure lies waiting to be found.

The colors are muted and mature, with some pops of vibrant blue and red on the skull and crossbones. This is the perfect bedding set for all ages to enjoy.

6. Ambesonne Ship in a Storm Duvet Cover Set


  • Detailed image is realistic with a touch of fantasy thrown in.
  • Perfect for pirate lovers or those who enjoy nautical-themed rooms.


  • Includes a duvet cover and pillow sham, but no sheets.

Pirates not only have to find the treasure and keep it away from other pirates, but they also have to weather storms and keep the ship afloat.

This duvet cover with matching sham set features a realistic and striking image of a pirate ship under full sail in a vicious storm. Dark colors make this a perfect addition to any dark-colored room.

7. Stylized Pirate Skull and Treasure Chest Bedding


  • Can be purchased in sizes from Twin to King.
  • Zipper closure makes it easy to get your duvet and pillows in place.


  • Large skull is the majority of the imagery and may be distracting to some

This duvet cover has a very Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. The pirate skull with crossed swords sits next to a large chest full of treasure.

It includes a range of sepia and neutral tone colors to suit even the most mature taste in bedding. It will fit perfectly into a Pirates of the Caribbean or non-themed nautical room without being obtrusive.

Final Thoughts

Whether you or your child simply like pirates, or you’re looking for an easy way to get a pirate theme started in your bedroom, the above bedding sets should have given you some idea as to what is available.

From comical and child-friendly designs to realistic nautical themed designs more suited for mature youth and adults, there is a wide range of styles you can choose from for the perfect fit in your bedroom, child’s room, or guest rooms.