5 Best Ocean Themed Quilts for the Perfect Seaside Bedroom Makeover

Looking for the best ocean themed quilts to bring the rawness of the seas to your bedroom? We've got you covered. Ocean blue, dolphins, palm trees, waves, coral reefs, starfish; do these decorations sound interesting to you?

Well, we all love a little ocean feel in our bedrooms because of the beauty there is to it. Or better yet, if you have a house by the beach, it would only make sense if your theme looked something like the ocean.

This article explores some of the best ocean themed quilts that will turn your room into nothing short of stunning. Read on to find out more about these quilts.

How To Choose the Best Ocean Themed Quilts

Several factors will help you choose the best ocean themed quilts that will fit right into your intended décor choice. The first factor you want to consider is the value of the quilts you pick out.

You want a quilt with the best fabric that has the least shrinkage and does not bleed. Quilter's weight cotton is by far the best quilting fabric in terms of quality. Color is a very important factor when picking out quilts.

Most quilts are multicolored as traditionally that's how it is. However, you can choose way fewer colors depending on your preference. Warm color schemes give you a brighter feel. Patterns featuring multiple sea animals, seashells, and coral reefs usually have this feel.

Cold color schemes have a cooler feel to them. For an ocean themed quilt, these would have fewer colors and include patterns of ocean water, waves, ship, or large dolphins.

Advantages Of Having Quilts

  • They're thin and suitable for different weathers: Quilts are light and warm which is suitable during summer. As for the cold seasons, you can easily layer several of them and achieve an even warmer feel.
  • Easy to store: Quilts are easy to fold and store away without having to worry about space. They're not bulky or fluffy.
  • Decorative: Quilts are decorative and there are so many patterns to experiment with if in need of a switch up.
  • Neat: Their thinness ensures your bed is neat as opposed to fuzzy and unkempt.

3 Things To Look for When Choosing Ocean Themed Quilts

Quilts may be used as beddings, decorative items, or both. The first thing you need to consider before deciding what qualities to look for in a quilt is what its intended purpose is. Maybe you want something you can lightly use and easily clean when needed.

Maybe you're looking for something a little heavy to cover yourself up regularly, or you're buying it as a gift for a loved one. With your specification in mind, here are qualities to look for in quilts:

The Size

Depending on who you're buying the quilt for and what its usage is going to be, size is an important factor to look out for when picking out your quilts.

You want something that will be large enough depending on the size of your bed. Larger is always better if this is what you're going by.

The Quality

You want a well-knitted quilt that will be durable. These can be identified by looking at the stitching. Tight stitches that have a more regular pattern and are close together, are usually a good sign.

Hand-made quilts tend to be more durable as a lot of time goes into their crafting and machine or hand stitching. They’re more expensive and well worth the price.

This is compared to manufactured quilts that are generic and hastily made entirely by machines. They’re less durable and relatively inexpensive.

The Fillings

Depending on the purpose of the quilt, you may choose one with more fillings or less. Decorative quilts need not have too many fillings, they’re generally thin.

For beddings, the fillings can range from thin to a little fluffy depending on the intended season. If your ocean themed quilt is meant for a beach house then you'll want it thin.

The type of filling also matters. Quilts with cotton and polyester fillings are easier to regularly clean. Wool fillings are warmer compared to the rest.

Ocean Themed Quilts Best Usage

There are many ways that you could get the best use out of quilts that go beyond the bedroom. Yes, quilts are used to decorate the bed and also as beddings to keep you warm. But that's not all.

Quilts can be customized in many different ways as decorations for other parts of your house. The living room, for example, needs some color from time to time. You can throw in a quilt on the chairs or even hang them on the walls.

Quilted throw pillows are also another creative way to make use of whatever remains of your old quilts. Quilts also make for colorful decorative table cloths for your dining area.

You may also layer your bed in different quilts of different colors and play around with the patterns.

Quilts Best Storage Practice

  • If you prefer your quilts with no creases, it is best practice to roll them up before storage instead of your usual folding. Alternatively, if you have an extra bed, you may consider spreading them out in layers on top of the bed. This is easier and ideal as there are no creases and the quilts also get to breathe.
  • Avoid storing your quilts in plastic bags as the fabric may degenerate. Also, avoid storing them in places with moisture as your quilt could get ruined.
  • Preserve the color of your quilts by storing them in a dark place. Light has a fading effect on material, therefore not recommended.

Important To Note:

Quilts are not synonymous with duvets. As much as you’ll get the same results online when you look the two words up, there are differences. Quilts have a top layer to them that allows for a lot of decorative patching.

While duvets are fluffy and pillowy, quilts are thinner and lighter, yet warm, making them suitable for both hot and cold weather. You can easily layer several quilts when it gets colder and shed off some on warmer seasons.

Quilts are mostly hand-stitched and have a homey feel to them.

5 Best Ocean Themed Quilts for the Perfect Seaside Bedroom Makeover

1. Greenland Home Maui Quilt Set, 3-Piece Full/Queen, Multi


  • It has beautiful embroidery and amazing color patterns.
  • Its material is smooth and soft to touch.
  • The material doesn’t catch pet hair.
  • Stains easily come off.
  • It’s fairly light in weight.


  • Shrinkage when washed for the first time.
  • Fabric pilling with time.

The Greenland Home Maui Quilt Set 3-piece queen is a beautiful ocean themed quilt set with ocean blue waves, seashells and coral reefs, and shorebird decors.

The colors are light and blend into each other perfectly to give your room that beautiful oceanic look and feel. It is relatively thin and easy to clean.

The front part of the quilt is made up of 90% cotton, 8% poly, and 2% linen, while its lower section is made up entirely of cotton.

2. North End Decor Starfish Reef Coastal Quilt, Queen 3-Piece Bedding Sets


  • Soft, cozy, and comfortable
  • Great quality material and size
  • Easy to fit into different décor themes
  • Thin and lightweight


  • Some customers report synthetic feeling
  • Scented quilt may trigger allergies and/or migraines

The starfish décor on the North End Décor Starfish Reef Coastal Quilt is elegant. It's made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fill to give it that balance between warm and lightweight.

Its material is purely microfiber, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

3. C&F Home St. Kitts Twin 2 Piece Cotton Quilt Set


  • Vibrant color patterns
  • Durable material
  • Not too heavy, not too light


  • Costly
  • Some customers report itchy feeling

This brightly decorated quilt set has a variety of decorative items and colors to it. The material is 100% cotton to give it that soft and cozy feel.

4. 3-Piece Green Seascape Lightweight Quilt Set


  • Well-stitched
  • Vibrant color patterns
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Bleeds color during wash
  • Too thin if you're looking for something a tad warmer

This multi-patterned elegant quilt set will give your room a vibrant and warm feel with its aquatic fish patterns and coral reefs on a white background. The colors seamlessly complement each other for the perfect beach décor.

The reverse side of the quilt is a solid color which allows for a switch depending on your preference. This 100% polyester fabric is durable, soft, and easy to clean.

5. YAYIDAY Cotton Bedspreads Quilt Set Marine Theme


  • Unique design
  • Vibrant and beautiful color décor
  • Light and warm
  • You get value for your money

The YAYIDAY Cotton Bedspreads Quilt Set has stylish and cool patterns with unique rounded corners for a nice finish. It's made of 100% cotton fabric which makes it soft and cozy.

Which One's Our Top Pick?

The North End Décor Starfish Reef Coastal Quilt has the least garish décor, which is easily agreeable with most décor themes.

It has the perfect balance of lightweight and microfiber fabric, which makes it easy to maintain. It's durable, soft, and quality. The size is also good for queen-size beds.