23 Stunning Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

If you're looking for navy blue and grey bedroom ideas, we've got you covered. When you're decorating your bedroom, you want to create a calming and comforting atmosphere.

After all, if you're going to spend a third of your life in bed, you want to sleep well and feel safe and secure in your bedroom, right?

Navy blue and grey is a simple and sophisticated color scheme that works well for just about any bedroom, no matter what design scheme or aesthetic you're going for.

From dorm rooms to kid's rooms and master bedrooms, the right shades of blue and grey make for a cozy and calming space to lay your head!

Quick Look

  1. Blue and Grey Soft Furnishings
  2. Dark and Moody Room in Blue and Grey
  3. Calming White with Blue, Grey Accents
  4. Contemporary Design in a Traditional House
  5. Grey and Blue Room with a Retro Feel
  6. Blue with Classic White, Grey Accents
  7. Upscale Grey and Blue Decor
  8. Minimalist Room with Blue and Grey Bedding
  9. Artistic Room with Blue, Grey Decor
  10. Casual Blue, Grey with Wooden Features
  11. Traditional Room with Blue, Grey Accents
  12. Warm Room with Soft Grey Walls
  13. Blue and Grey Color Industrial Room
  14. Classic Design with Dark Grey Walls
  15. Blue, Grey and Gold Room
  16. Luxury Navy and Grey Scheme
  17. Navy Blue Wall and Pink Bedding
  18. Luxurious Blue and Grey Walls
  19. Navy Blue Walls and Soft Grey Furnishings
  20. Blue Bedding and Grey Walls
  21. Striped Wallpaper and Matching Bedding
  22. Patterned Headboard, Blue and Grey Bedding
  23. Blue and Grey Decor

23 Stunning Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

1. Chic and Contemporary Bedroom with Blue and Grey Soft Furnishings

chic and contemporary bedroom

Blue and grey bedrooms don't have to be dark or depressing! with white walls and bedding, the blue and silver accents in this example are allowed to shine!

The room incorporates a variety of textures and shades to create visual interest and the effect is totally contemporary!

2. Dark and Moody Space-Themed Bedroom in Blue and Grey

themed bedroom in blue and grey

I love this beautiful and calming space-themed bedroom! The blues and the greys work so well together to imitate the bright sky.

This color scheme is excellent for anyone who wants a dark and calming space to lay their head at night. My favorite features are the subtle blue touches throughout the bedding, artwork, and decor that make the room pop!

3. Calming White Zen Bedroom with Blue and Grey Accents

calming white zen bedroom

This beautiful room leans more to the traditional side, but the clean lines and soft color palette feel modern. The room and bedding are mainly white, but it isn't a stark white that overwhelms the senses.

All in all, this bedroom is calming and collected, and a wonderful place to unwind.

4. Contemporary Bedroom Design in a Traditional House

bedroom design in a traditional house

I love when a bedroom with more traditional features is modernized through the decor used. This bedroom has light features but the black, white and dark blue color palette helps to harden the design and make it feel more modern.

The large black lighting fixture hangs above the whole design like a modern take on the moon, adding to the contemporary edge of the bedroom design.

5. Grey and Blue Bedroom with a Retro Feel

grey and blue bedroom with a retro feel

The gorgeous bedroom feels right out of the mid-century, but in a fresh and exciting new way! From the herringbone wooden floor to the mid-century accent furniture, this room screams retro vibes!

The soft greys in the wall art and the throw blanket contrast beautifully with the bright pops of blue that bring energy and life to the space.

6. Blue Bedroom with Classic White and Grey Accents

bedroom with classic white and grey accents

I love the bright pop of blue on the wall that livens up the space, but the real star are the beautiful neutrals in the decor and bedding.

Soft, light grey is found all over the room, from the throw pillows to the small rug, while wooden furniture and accents bring warmth into the space.

7. Modern Eclectic Bedroom with Upscale Grey and Blue Decor

modern eclectic bedroom

If you think that grey bedrooms have to be boring, think again! This example of a blue and grey bedroom is stylish and eclectic, perfect for the working professional in a big city!

By mixing a variety of patterns and textures in the bedding and decor, the room feels more energetic and engaging!

8. Minimalist Bedroom with Blue and Grey Bedding

bedroom with blue and grey bedding

Sometimes a simple design scheme is best, especially if you've got little space to work with, or your design taste tends to skew toward minimalism.

In this case, a simple white bedspread with navy and grey accents creates a sophisticated and chic color scheme, because while the bedding is simple, the designer mixed textures and patterns for visual interest!

9. Mid-century-Inspired Artistic Bedroom with Blue and Grey Decor

midcentury-inspired artistic bedroom

The sharp lines and angles of mid-century modern make a reappearance in this gorgeous and eclectic bedroom! The steel blue and grey colors tone down the design in what could otherwise feel like a chaotic space.

Wooden decor helps to warm up the room and keep the grey in the bedding and decor from feeling too cold!

10. Cozy and Casual Blue and Grey Bedroom with Wooden Features

cozy and casual blue and grey bedroom

Since blue and grey are both cool colors, too much can tend to look sterile and professional.

This is fine if you're going for a relaxing, spa-like quality, but if you want a cozy and welcoming space, make sure to add some warming elements to your room, like in this example!

I love how the wooden furniture and warm string lights bring light and warmth into an otherwise cold space!

11. Calming Traditional Bedroom with Blue and Grey Accents

calming traditional bedroom

If you're going for a more traditional look with your bedroom, consider making your bedding symmetrical, with minimal patterns and colors.

This will help your room feel more professional and put together, which is perfect for a guest room, but is also ideal if you just want a more calming space.

12. Warm and Welcoming Bedroom with Soft Grey Walls

bedroom with soft grey walls

Sometimes too much or the wrong shade of grey can make a room feel dark, dull, or depressing. But I love the paint color in this example.

Instead of going for a dark and cold grey, the designer chose a soft and warm grey that helps brighten up the room while perfectly complimenting the beautiful navy blue accents in the room!

13. Cool and Casual Industrial Bedroom with a Blue and Grey Color Palette

bedroom with a blue and grey color palette

This bedroom has a modern edge to it thanks to the dark navy blue and grey bedding, as well as the matching industrial wall behind it!

The splatters of blue and grey on the wall echo concrete, giving this room a casual industrial quality. I also love the candles on the headboard; they add just the right touch of personality to this room!

14. Classic Bedroom Design with Dark Grey Walls

bedroom design with dark grey walls

Don't be afraid to mix things up and incorporate other colors into your blue and grey bedroom!

Rather than a soft grey, this room is painted from floor to ceiling with a rich dark charcoal color that makes everything else in the room pop!

The other bright side of a dark room is that the walls feel farther away, which makes the room seem bigger!

15. Modern Blue, Grey, and Gold Bedroom

modern blue, grey and gold bedroom

When choosing the colors for your room, pick one as your dominant color and another to help support it (plus another for accents around the room). In this case, blue is the dominant color, with grey talking the supporting role.

For the accent, there's gold decor scattered about the room, brightening up the design and adding a luxurious feel!

16. Contemporary Luxury Bedroom with Navy and Grey Scheme

bedroom with navy and grey scheme

This stylish contemporary bedroom doesn't need paint to upgrade its walls!

I love the headboard that stretches up to the ceiling, giving the entire far wall a blue stripe that carries all the way down to the foot of the bed, elongating the walls.

This is in beautiful contrast to the wall next to it, covered completely by heavy grey curtains!

17. Bedroom with Navy Blue Wall and Pink Bedding

bedroom with navy blue wall and pink bedding

What a refreshing take on a blue and grey bedroom! This stylish room takes a fresh approach to an old classic color scheme!

Rather than having grey as the forefront, the designer has added burgundy and pink to complement the navy blue wall and then balanced the entire scheme out with subtle grey accents throughout the room.

18. Luxurious Two-Door Bedroom with Blue and Grey Walls

bedroom with blue and grey walls

Talk about a luxurious way to decorate your bedroom! In this unique take on a bedroom scheme, the grey is on the outer wall, framing the blue bedroom in the middle.

The throw pillows on the chairs in the outer room carry the same pattern as the blue bedding, making the two rooms feel like one cohesive design!

19. Cozy and Moody Bedroom with Navy Blue Walls and Soft Grey Furnishings

bedroom with navy blue walls and soft grey furnishings

This bedroom uses the navy blue walls to create a cozy, dark, and moody atmosphere, but it's lightened up and made more inviting with the use of soft greys and dusty, muted pinks.

I also love that gold is used throughout to give a little bit of luxury to the design without overpowering it.

20. Chic and Comfortable Bedroom with Blue Bedding and Grey Walls

bedroom with blue bedding and grey walls

When you want to make your bedroom feel more put together, symmetry and simplicity are your two best friends.

In this example of a cozy blue and grey bedroom, the lamps and nightstands on either side of the bed match up perfectly, while the bed with its navy blue bedspread rest directly center against a plain grey wall.

21. Simple, Minimalist Bedroom with Mismatched Blue and Grey Bedding

bedroom with mismatched blue and grey bedding

When you're going for a simple or minimalist theme, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to choose boring solids or make everything one color.

Mix and match patterns and colors to create visual interest while keeping clutter and excess objects to a minimum, like in this example! It's a clean and refreshing take on a classic minimalist bedroom!

22. Small Bedroom with Stylish Patterned Headboard and Blue and Grey Bedding

bedroom with stylish patterned headboard

Small bedrooms present their own series of challenges, but they also mean that every small item in the room makes a big impact!

Choose cohesive colors and don't be afraid to show off a statement piece, like this fun patterned headboard! The rest of the room is simple and timeless, leaving out the bed and the clean, comfortable bedding.

23. Cool and Contemporary Bedroom with Blue and Grey Decor

cool and contemporary bedroom

I love this fresh and up-to-date bedroom design that feels both timeless and eclectic all at once!

Mixing and matching lots of patterns, designs, colors and textures make this space fun and interesting, but keeping a simple and cohesive color scheme makes everything feel pulled together and organized.

Keeping some of the art on the floor is also a great way to keep the space from feeling too cluttered.