21 Gothic Bedroom Ideas For A Dark And Romantic Makeover

If you've just given your living room a luxuriously spooky makeover, it's time to level up the goth game and transform your bedroom. Everyone loves a dark bedroom when you're looking to relax.

But a gothic bedroom is something else entirely. Gothic style comes out of medieval architecture, as well as its Victorian revival style in the 19th century.

It's all about natural textures like wood and stone and dark, luxurious fabrics. Oftentimes a modern gothic bedroom will have dark walls and eclectic decor.

If you're looking to incorporate some timeless and romantic style (with a touch of darkness) into your bedroom design, then check out this list of some beautiful gothic bedrooms to get you inspired!

Quick Look

  1. Medieval Gothic Bedroom
  2. Chic Modern Black and White
  3. Castle-Style Room with Dark Furniture
  4. Contemporary Room with Black Walls
  5. Black Bed with Brick Walls
  6. Dark Ottoman-Inspired Bedroom
  7. Medieval Room with Dark Furniture
  8. Modern Room with Dark Walls
  9. Gothic Cathedral Headboard
  10. Black Bedding and Walls
  11. Dark Room with Pointed Arch Window
  12. Light Castle Room with Simple Decor
  13. Chic Bedroom with Silver Accents
  14. Classic Gothic Elements
  15. Gothic Grey and Victorian Touches
  16. Traditional Luxury and Gothic Elements
  17. Black Walls and Luxurious Features
  18. Bold and Dramatic with Black and Silver
  19. Dark Walls and Tile Flooring
  20. Minimalist Room with Stone Arched Walls
  21. Simple Room with Subtle Gothic Elements

21 Gothic Bedroom Ideas For A Dark And Romantic Makeover

1. Dramatic Medieval Gothic-Inspired Bedroom

dramatic medieval

I love this bedroom because it's an excellent example of how a medieval home design can be made to feel truly contemporary.

Keeping the ornate four-poster bed front and center means that the details are allowed to shine without feeling oppressive and cluttered. Adding warm lighting adds to the romantic atmosphere!

2. Chic Modern Black and White Gothic-Inspired Bedroom

chic modern black and white

If you're looking for a much more modern take on a gothic look, check out this amazing black and white example!

Using black damask patterned wallpaper gives a traditional feel, but the stark, streamlined bed and modern, minimalist lighting makes this room feel welcoming and anything but old-fashioned!

3. Medieval Castle-Style Bedroom with Dark Furniture

medieval castle-style bedroom with dark furniture

This huge medieval-style bed sits front and center, but the main feature in this room is the arched ceiling that makes the whole design feel softer.

The dark browns in the furniture work well with the reds to warm up the space since the walls are a stark white that could feel cold otherwise.

Paired with a few antique portraits and you've got a cozy yet slightly moody bedroom!

4. Sleek and Contemporary Gothic Bedroom with Black Walls

sleek and contemporary gothic bedroom with black walls

Modern gothic bedrooms often feature black walls and furniture, but it takes real commitment to go all the way and have your entire bedroom in black!

It's a great way to create a cozy and moody effect that will have you drifting off to sleep quickly.

The minimalist decor featuring natural elements like wooden planks makes the room a bit less harsh, while the gold accents help to break up the darkness.

5. Gothic Black Bed in Bedroom with Brick Walls

black bed in bedroom with brick walls

Sometimes all you need is one solid piece to make a big impact in a room design.

In this room, the brick walls and wooden floors don't necessarily scream “gothic”, but the addition of this gorgeous black bed gives this room the dark edge that it needs.

Plus, the tall windows allow light to pour in, complimenting the darkness and helping the room feel balanced.

6. Ottoman-Inspired Bedroom Design in a Dark, Gothic Color Scheme

ottoman-inspired bedroom design

Gothic rooms don't necessarily have to be medieval-inspired. In this case, the inspiration is more middle-eastern, with the beautiful floral wallpaper and embroidered bedding.

The dark colors are softened by the warm furniture pieces and white accents. But the real stunner in this room is the circular window, creating the effect of a moon over the bed!

7. Medieval Castle Bedroom with Dark Furniture

medieval castle bedroom with dark furniture

When you're looking for ideas for a gothic bedroom, when all else fails, take inspiration from an actual castle!

While not everyone will have stunning curved arches in their walls the way this example does, ornate furniture in dark tones goes a long way to create that middle ages look!

Add some heavy damask wallpaper to complete the effect!

8. Modern Apartment Bedroom with Dark Walls

bedroom with dark walls

Less is more when you're looking to create an elegant and relaxing space! I love the beautifully streamlined silhouette of the bed and how it matches up with the modern corner window fitting.

Dark walls make this room moody and romantic, but the white bedding and other accents help to balance it out!

9. Gothic Cathedral Headboard

gothic cathedral headboard

When all else fails and you're trying to create a sophisticated gothic look on a budget, consider focusing on one statement piece to set the mood for your entire room!

This gorgeous black headboard jumps out at you and oozes gothic romance and elegance. The silhouette echoes medieval cathedral stained glass windows, and the color darkens the room in all the right ways!

10. Dark Gothic Bedroom with Black Bedding and Walls

bedroom with black bedding and walls

If your idea of a gothic bedroom is spooky to the extreme, consider what makes a bedroom look that way. Go for a simple, minimalist look and let the colors (or lack thereof) do all the talking!

Choose dark charcoal bedding to go with black walls and floorboards, and you've got yourself a creepy and moody atmosphere fit for the darkest tastes!

11. Castle bedroom with Pointed Arch Window

castle bedroom with pointed arch window

When in doubt, work with what you've got! The signature of any gothic room is the callback to a castle or cathedral.

I love this bedroom because it makes use of the simple yet stunning pointed arch window, making the view the focal point rather than the rest of the room.

The stone walls and floors are dark, letting the light shine in for an all-natural focal point.

12. Light Castle Bedroom with Simple Decor

light castle bedroom with simple decor

What if you want to add a bit of medieval sophistication to your bedroom, but you're not interested in an all-black scheme?

This room keeps the decor simple to highlight the best features of this room: the tall window, the stone walls, and the natural hardwood floor.

All of these features give a bedroom a more castle-like feel, but the renaissance paintings and rich, warm color scheme don't hurt, either!

13. Chic and Contemporary Gothic Bedroom with Silver Accents

bedroom with silver accents

Looking for a sophisticated and chic look that's gothic yet modern? Check out this bedroom and how it uses color, pattern, and texture to create the contemporary gothic bedroom of your dreams!

The furniture and headboards are all in traditional Victorian silhouettes, but they're painted silver, giving this traditional design a chic update.

14. Classic Contemporary Design with Gothic Elements

classic contemporary design

You don't always have to live in a castle to get the best of a gothic bedroom.

If your style is more modern than medieval, consider how you can incorporate classic gothic staples into your more contemporary design.

I love this example because it plays up the dark, romantic gothic aspect of the room while still keeping the overall design simple and streamlined.

15. Gothic Grey Bedroom with Victorian Touches

grey bedroom with victorian touches

What features in a room make up a gothic design? For some, it may be the color or the more traditional decor influences.

But it can just as easily be the room itself. This room has a stone finish on the walls with a painted wooden floor.

Adding an ornate, Victorian-style armchair in the background gives this bedroom a gothic touch without going overboard!

16. Dark Traditional Luxury Bedroom with Gothic Elements

dark traditional luxury bedroom

Gothic design is all about drama, and this room gives plenty of that! The luxurious bedroom sticks to simple, dark colors, but the variety of textures and fabrics makes this room feel like something out of a castle.

Adding a classic chandelier is the finishing touch to create a modern-yet-traditional room that screams luxury and romance.

17. Modern Gothic Bedroom with Black Walls and Luxurious Features

bedroom with black walls and luxurious features

This gorgeous bedroom just screams gothic in all the best ways!

From the dark walls and gold accents to the damask wallpaper and luxurious velvet bedding, this room welcomes anyone with a flair for drama, romance, and a bit of a dark side.

These elements are pulled together seamlessly with a strong color scheme and balanced with an eclectic variety of more modern furniture pieces.

18. Bold and Dramatic Gothic Bedroom in Black and Silver

bedroom in black and silver

Talk about refined taste! This bedroom is nearly overwhelming with beautiful black Baroque damask wallpaper and an intricate silver headboard.

Black and white is a staple in many gothic design schemes, but this luxury bedroom takes it to the next level. You can incorporate dark walls and silver accents into your bedroom to create a gothic style that's all your own!

19. Elegant Gothic Bedroom with Dark Walls and Tile Flooring

bedroom with dark walls and tile flooring

If vampires were real, this would be their bedroom! This 3-D rendering of a gothic-inspired bedroom is luxurious and spooky all at once.

The black walls make the room feel bigger, and traditional gothic features like the crystal chandelier create a timeless look. Heavy silver drapes adorn tall windows and the marble flooring ups the luxurious feel of the room.

20. Minimalist Four-Poster Bed in Castle Bedroom with Stone Arched Walls

minimalist four-poster bed

When all else fails, simplicity is key! This sleek, modern four-poster bed looks right at home in its castle setting because the colors and textures of the bed and the stone walls complement each other.

If you're going for a pared-down gothic style, think about how you can use shapes and textures to your advantage and what details you can let slide. There's nothing like a chic, minimalistic-yet-medieval bedroom scheme!

21. Simple Castle-Inspired Bedroom with Subtle Gothic Elements

bedroom with subtle gothic elements

Contrary to popular belief, castles aren't always dark and creepy. This bright and airy room channels the medieval era with beautiful antique pieces that give the room an understated elegance.

The main feature that jumps out is the large iron candelabra. Incorporate a traditional medieval piece of design into your bedroom design, and you'll have a more modern take on a classic gothic castle.