5 Classic Country Crib Bedding Set Ideas for a Rustic Nursery Makeover

Lots of parents design their nurseries around a theme. It's a cute way to make a room for a baby a little more fun. While some prefer a safari-themed nursery, others opt for a country-themed one.

A country theme is a nice, homey choice, providing rustic warmth and classic style in an adorable, cozy way.

If that's what you're going for, here are some country crib bedding set ideas and some information about safety and what to expect!

What May Be In A Crib Bedding Set?

Expecting parents are rightfully very excited about their baby's arrival! But this often causes an overbuying of accessories and excessively comprehensive bedding sets.

Before you begin shopping for a crib bedding set, you need to have a better idea of the kind of items that are truly necessary. Here's a list of some items you might find in a set like this.

A Fitted Sheet

a fitted sheet

This is the core part of any bedding set. Fitted sheets must be able to snugly wrap around your crib mattress. They shouldn't bunch up, move around, or get too loose when babies move.

A wide majority of sheets like this will come in the standard crib mattress size. If you have an unusually sized bed, you'll have to shop specially for it. Fitted sheets are a must-have in a crib bedding set.

Do not, under any circumstances, replace them with flat sheets! This can pose a hazard to your baby.

If you'll feel the need to wash the fitted sheet more often than the rest of the set, you may be able to find bedding sets that come with two fitted sheets for easy interchangeability.

A Skirt

a skirt

Crib skirts are safe to use for babies of any age and are purely for decorative purposes. They're placed underneath the mattress and drape over the edges of the crib, creating a pretty look.

They may also be ideal for those who plan to store items under the crib, as the skirt can hide these items for a better appearance.

A Blanket, Quilt, or Comforter


A blanket or quilt is a nice, comfortable way for a child to keep warm. These can even be brought with a baby when they graduate out of a crib and into a toddler bed.

You may find sets with comforters, quilted blankets, or simple thin sheets. Purchase them based on your local climate!

Do note that newborns or babies who can't crawl or stand should only use wearable blankets or swaddles. These can help babies stay calm and relaxed, and they don't pose a choking hazard.

A Pillow or Bolster and Their Covers

bolster and Their covers

Very young babies shouldn't use pillows or bolsters, as they can pose a suffocation hazard. This is likely why most crib bedding sets don't include these items!

Rail Guard Covers

rail guard covers

Teething babies may take out their desire to chew things on the rails of their cribs. Rail guards are great at preventing this and protecting cribs, but they can be unsightly.

That's why some bedding sets for cribs have special rail guard covers for a better aesthetic. These aren't common in most crib bedding sets, as babies won't need them until they can move around easily on their own.

If you want these, chances are you'll have to buy them separately, though larger sets might have them.

Diaper Stackers

diaper stackers

Storing diapers isn't typically a very aesthetically pleasing task. But some bedding sets come with diaper stackers designed to hold these items while matching the crib nicely.

Many sets have these as handy add-ons.

Avoiding The Dangers Of Crib Bedding

If you're a well-prepared expecting parent, you've likely heard a little bit about the controversies surrounding crib bedding.

Your newborn baby should have nothing on their bed other than a snug fitted sheet, and if chosen, a tight swaddling cloth. This is because crib bedding can be extremely dangerous for children who can't crawl or stand on their own yet.

They can increase the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and multiple other organizations highly recommend that newborn babies be placed on firm mattresses and snug fitted sheets only.

If you're concerned about your baby getting cold due to a lack of a blanket, you can use a swaddle or dress them in appropriate clothing.

Items that will not get in the baby's space, such as diaper stackers and bedding skirts, are okay to use. Just make sure they're completely out of reach of curious, grabbing hands and fingers.

To ensure safety when using fitted sheets, check that the elastic is very snug. Elastic should go around the entire sheet, not just in the corners like on sheets for adults.

Regular washings are likely to slowly loosen elastic over time, so make sure to keep checking that the sheets fit tightly and securely. 100% cotton sheets are less likely to experience this loosening.

Once your child is able to crawl and stand on their own outside of the crib, you can begin to use fuller bedding sets. Make sure that the items are safe for babies!

5 Best Country Crib Bedding Set Ideas

1. The Peanutshell Buffalo Plaid Crib Bedding Set


  • Lightweight sheets facilitate good cooling.
  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • Machine washable and washes well, with colors that don't fade or bleed and a size that doesn't shrink.
  • Very inexpensive compared to other similar products on the market.


  • Blanket is relatively thin, which may be unsuitable for certain climates.
  • Blanket is on the small side, to leave space for a baby's head.

The Peanutshell Buffalo Plaid Crib Bedding Set is a fitted sheet set made with a soft polyester microfiber. The comfortable material is designed to get even softer after a couple of washes.

Lightweight and cooling with a small blanket, it may be an ideal choice for warmer climates. This bedding set comes in three different pieces.

There's a decorative quilted blanket, a crib dust ruffle with three sides, and a fitted crib sheet. It's designed to fit a standard-sized mattress for a crib with the measurements of 52 inches x 28 inches.

The dust ruffle is generous in size, with a 16-inch drop. The design of this bedding set is especially cute, adding a touch of the wilderness to the rustic country theme.

The style is made with a reversible patchwork pattern. There are buffalo checks in red, gray, and black that hone in on a lumberjack countryside vibe.

These patterns are juxtaposed next to forest animal patterns featuring squirrels, mooses, bears, deer, rabbits, and foxes, with light mountains and tree silhouettes. Arrows in different styles add even more aesthetic value to the sheets!

The brand also sells an entire collection in this same print, in case you want to get more coordinated. Personally, I'm a big fan of cohesive themes in my kids' rooms, so I appreciate the chance to be so on-point with that coordination!

Washing instructions indicate that this bedding set is easy to care for, too. You can simply throw it in a washing machine and the colors won't bleed or fade.

This could make it suitable for busy parents who want a good quality product that won't require high maintenance.

2. NoJo Countryside Floral 4Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set


  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • Good-quality, well-made set with high durability.
  • Machine-washable and easy to care for.
  • Fits around crib mattresses snugly, even if they're of unusual or non-standard size.


  • Color may fade over time.
  • Mix-ups in shipment may be common and you may receive three pieces instead of four.

The NoJo Countryside Floral 4Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set is a soft, durable set designed for optimal comfort.

The sheets are designed to fit snugly thanks to its elastic skirting, whether you use convertible or standard-sized mattresses. This feature would have been useful when my daughter was younger – she's quite a rowdy sleeper!

This bedding set has four pieces. The three pieces designed for the bed itself are a 28″ x 52″ x 8″ crib sheet, a 36″ x 45″ comforter, and a 27″ x 51″ dust ruffle skirt.

The additional piece is a diaper stacker in the same pattern, which adds some cute coordination to a baby's nursery. The sheet and comforter have a light corduroy-like material.

The dust ruffle, which has a roomy 16-inch drop, is made with layers of chiffon, organza, and velveteen for a luxurious look. There are multiple different patterns available for the NoJo Countryside Floral 4Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set.

The one I'm talking about today is the “countryside floral” theme, which may be a good fit for a girl's country-themed nursery. The floral design uses soft white and pink shades and a quilted patterned blanket for a rustic, relaxing look.

This bedding set is machine-washable. Its colors aren't extremely colorfast, so you need to wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water, separately from other items.

That aside, it's fairly easy to care for, especially for the luxurious aesthetic that it has. This may be a good option for parents that have a clear desired appearance for their baby's furniture but want something that isn't too high-maintenance.

3. Lambs & Ivy Little Campers 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set


  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • High-quality, durable materials, and fabric.
  • Provides tactile experiences with raised embroidery.
  • Made by a relatively reputable brand.
  • Machine-washable and convenient to care for.


  • Washing instructions must be followed very carefully to avoid any damage.

The Lambs & Ivy Little Campers 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set is made with 100% cotton for a soft and comfortable sleep. It's very durable, which allows it to withstand all the rough and tumble a baby may have to offer!

An elastic strip all around its sheet ensures that it stays in place well, too, for standard-sized crib mattresses. This bedding set comes with 5 pieces, which is more than the common industry standard.

It includes two fitted crib sheets, so you can wash them more frequently. The other pieces are a patchwork quilt blanket, a crib skirt, and an 18-inch diaper stacker for 40 diapers, all matching, and part of the set!

The Lambs & Ivy Little Campers 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set has a cute design that merges country and wilderness aesthetics. The quilt's extensive appliques feature a number of different cute, smiling animals.

These may fit well in an animal-themed nursery! The quilt also has buffalo checks for more of a rustic touch.

The skirt has a lot of trees and measures 14.5 inches in height. Then, there's the diaper stacker, which is designed to look like a tent to further fit the theme!

The patterns are all embroidered in different fabrics. These patterns are raised, which gives kids a great sensory experience as they explore their tactile senses.

Babies will get to touch materials like boucle, mink, chenille yarn, and more as they explore the pictures. I always appreciate baby items that add these learning experiences to them!

This bedding set is also machine washable. You'll have to follow its care instructions well to avoid damaging it, but it's still a convenient feature.

4. Levtex Baby Skylar Crib Bed Set


  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • Hypoallergenic materials for baby's safety.
  • Machine-washable and dryable; wrinkles smooth out in the dryer.


  • Quilt comforter is short, designed not to cover the head of a baby.
  • Quality control issues can lead to the color being off.

The Levtex Baby Skylar Crib Bed Set is made from 100% brushed cotton microfiber, which creates a soft and relaxing material. It's also hypoallergenic, allowing for better safety and peace of mind for your baby.

I'm always worried about allergens and sickness for my children, so I appreciate this step. This bedding set comes with four items.

There's a fitted sheet, quilt, bed skirt, and decorative decal for a nursery wall. It's worth noting that the quilted comforter isn't designed to cover the entire mattress.

Instead, it is meant to be draped over a baby and leave their head in the open. The sheet, meanwhile, is designed to snugly fit a standard mattress with an all-around elastic wrap.

The Levtex Baby Skylar Crib Bed Set is designed to look luxurious and cloud-like. It features a light blush pink shade across most of its components.

The main theme here is all about ruffles and tiers. The quilt has billowy ruffles that are reminiscent of old-fashioned country aesthetics.

The bed skirt is both tiered and ruched in gentle cascades. The fitted sheet, meanwhile, has a medallion coin print with sparkles in blush against a white background!

There's also the nursery wall decal, which is impressively sized and has silver stars and the words “twinkle twinkle” on it. This bedding set is machine-washable and dryable for easy care.

Given the ruffles, you might be concerned about wrinkling, but a quick turn in the dryer removes those creases. If you'd like to further coordinate a nursery, the brand sells a number of items in this same theme that you can peruse.

5. Sweet Jojo Designs Green and Beige Crib Bedding Set


  • Lightweight sheets facilitate good cooling.
  • Machine-washable and dryable.
  • Extremely high-quality printing.


  • Fabric may be too thin for certain climates.
  • Quality control issues may lead to a lack of fabric quality in rare cases.

The Sweet Jojo Designs Green and Beige Crib Bedding Set is made from a lightweight, brushed microfiber fabric. Its materials are thin and cooling, making them ideal for warmer environments.

This light, silky type of material would have been just the ticket for my family last summer! The design of the Sweet Jojo Designs Green and Beige Crib Bedding Set is themed around a mix of camouflage colors and rustic aesthetics.

This means you can expert colors like beige, dark green, and brown. The quilted blanket has squares featuring deer, deer antler patterns, light buffalo checks, and classic camouflage.

Other colors in the palette are ivory and white. The designs are really brightly printed and are exclusive to the brand.

This could be an attractive feature for parents who want something more unique for their nursery! This bedding set boasts four different pieces.

There's a 52″ x 28″ x 8″ fitted crib sheet, a 45″ x 36″ blanket, a 52″ x 28″ x 15″ skirt, and a 15″ x 20″ x 16″ diaper stacker. It's machine-washable and dryable, so it could be ideal for busy parents who need to toss things in with the rest of the laundry.

If you're interested in further coordinating your baby's nursery, the brand offers additional products with the same design scheme, too.

Which One's Our Top Pick?

So, of all of these, what's the very best country crib bedding set? Personally, I think the best option is the Lambs & Ivy Little Campers 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set!

It has five items, which is more than any other on this list without a higher price. It even has two fitted sheets, which we know is beneficial for washing and cleaning purposes. Machine-washability allows for easy convenience, too.

The set's high durability and all-around elastic strip ensure that it's not going to move while a baby is sleeping on it. The 100% cotton construction ensures that its chances of loosening over time are lower.

And, although it's just an add-on, the large diaper stacker is a big plus and is more generous than what other sets provide! The unique raised textiles for a baby's tactile learning is even more of a welcome feature.