30 Beautiful Brown Bathroom Ideas

beautiful brown bathroom ideas

When we think of the color brown, it brings to mind images of earth and nature.  It’s a grounding color that naturally allows us to relax. That being said, decorating our bathrooms in a shade of brown innately allows one to connect to nature’s wisdom and find peace in our space. It may seem like … Read more

29 Clever TV Fireplace Ideas

clever tv fireplace ideas

It seems to be a common design struggle for many homeowners of where to place the tv and fireplace in a room.  Most homes in cooler climates often choose to have a fireplace in a living area.  The key to getting a designer look is knowing where to place the fireplace in relation to the tv.  … Read more

24 Victorian Kitchen Ideas to Get You Inspired

victorian kitchen ideas to get you inspired

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen to a modern Victorian style? Think of lots of decoration and ornamentation in ceiling, floors, walls, and wherever else you can imagine. Decorating in this style is your opportunity to think outside the box. Today we look at 24 Victorian Kitchen ideas to help jump-start your creativity in designing your … Read more

30 Fabulous Kitchen Pass-Through Ideas – Walk this Way!

With our lives impacted by the effects of Covid-19, families are steering away from the typical open concept kitchen when it comes to our living spaces.  Now that homeowners are spending more time in the house and are having to use their living quarters dually as living and workspaces, many are finding that the open … Read more