25 Magnificent Man Cave Shed Ideas

beer fridge

Not every man is a comic book geek, but we are all well aware of Superman’s fortress of solitude. This is a sacred place that a man goes to for peace and quiet after a long day in the salt mines of life. This is the Man Cave—the sanctuary we all need to recharge our … Read more

10 Stylish Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Shower Curtains

eco friendly alternatives to shower curtains

Ah, shower curtains. Simple, affordable, vibrant… and highly toxic to our health and our planet. It’s no joke. Today I learned that in 2008, the Center for Health found that PVC shower curtains release hundreds of volatile, toxic chemicals into the air. Even worse, according to Greenpeace, PVC is the single-most destructive plastic humans have … Read more

12 Clothes Wringer Alternatives – Eco-Friendly, Weird and Clever Options

simple clothes winger alternatives

Did you know that laundry dryers are more than 200 years old? According to Reader’s Digest, the first hand-cranked clothes wringer came from France in the early 1800s. Other accounts state that an African-American woman named Ellin Eglin invented the manual clothes wringer in the late 1800s. Inventor aside, clothes wringers have long stood as … Read more