18 Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

Most rooms built in more recent years come with ceiling lights ready and installed. However, It’s possible that one of your rooms does not contain proper ceiling lighting. While ceiling lights are an easy way to keep your room bright and well lit, they aren’t the only option available to you. There are plenty of … Read more

26 Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

natural rustic elements

The barndominium trend has exploded in recent years, and they have become a more than viable option for those of us in love with rustic country homes and interiors. Each barndominium has its own unique features, and with a little renovation, you can turn it into a space you love. Many people use these buildings as … Read more

25 Magnificent Man Cave Shed Ideas

beer fridge

Not every man is a comic book geek, but we are all well aware of Superman’s fortress of solitude. This is a sacred place that a man goes to for peace and quiet after a long day in the salt mines of life. This is the Man Cave—the sanctuary we all need to recharge our … Read more

25+ Exterior Window Trim Ideas

exterior window trim ideas

Introduce modern style to your home’s exterior with these 25+ exterior Window Trim Ideas. Windows play a huge role in the way the luxurious house feels and looks on the outside as well as inside. Window trims are the key aesthetics that add excitement and energize the whole appearance of the house. Exterior window trim … Read more

10 Stylish Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Shower Curtains

eco friendly alternatives to shower curtains

Ah, shower curtains. Simple, affordable, vibrant… and highly toxic to our health and our planet. It’s no joke. Today I learned that in 2008, the Center for Health found that PVC shower curtains release hundreds of volatile, toxic chemicals into the air. Even worse, according to Greenpeace, PVC is the single-most destructive plastic humans have … Read more

Pepper Plants Turning Yellow – What You Need To Know & Do

pepper plants turning yellow

Why Are My Pepper Plants Turning Yellow? As you are gardening this summer in your backyard, you may notice that particular problems occasionally arise. Certainly, pepper leaves turning yellow is a common issue that gardeners face every year. With living on seven acres of land, every year it seems that I expand my vegetable garden … Read more

12 Clothes Wringer Alternatives – Eco-Friendly, Weird and Clever Options

simple clothes winger alternatives

Did you know that laundry dryers are more than 200 years old? According to Reader’s Digest, the first hand-cranked clothes wringer came from France in the early 1800s. Other accounts state that an African-American woman named Ellin Eglin invented the manual clothes wringer in the late 1800s. Inventor aside, clothes wringers have long stood as … Read more

25+ Wall Decor Ideas for Behind a Couch

wall decor ideas for behind a couch

There are endless ideas to consider when decorating a wall behind a couch. What decor is selected and placed behind this key spot is as important as selecting the couch itself. Through thoughtful planning, one is able to achieve a cohesive and well-designed look. The more creative and personalized you can get, the even better. … Read more

25+ Wooden Garden Gate Design Ideas

wooden garden gate design ideas

I love creating garden rooms in my Florida home. Of course, every garden needs a gate. There are so many options from iron to wood. However, wood is my favorite as it compliments the nature theme of an outdoor space. Wooden gates come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes which makes it … Read more

25+ Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

indoor plant stand ideas

Most of the time, houseplant enthusiasts are constantly searching for more space for their green friends. If you find yourself in the same conundrum, it is time to take a stand, and maybe invest in some plant stands! Space increases ventilation which decreases pests and allows the plant to grow larger. With 25+ indoor plant … Read more

20 Boy Nursery Ideas

boy nursery ideas

The massive to-do list that comes when you’re expecting a baby can be overwhelming and stressful. On that list is setting up their nursery, which is the perfect opportunity to do a little designing and destress. We’ve put together this list to help expecting parents get some good ideas of all the design options out … Read more

25+ Living Room Color Combination Ideas

living room color combination ideas

We all are aware of the transformative power of paint, how it can evoke our mood and make our space look larger or brighter. color indeed is one of the best ways to show off your design style and bring more life to your living space. There are endless possibilities for you, no matter if … Read more

25 Screened Gazebo Ideas – Give Your Garden The Wow Factor!

screened in gazebo ideas

Nothing ties together a backyard space quite like a well-planned out gazebo. Having a screened gazebo in your backyard means creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor sitting area.  However, you may find yourself unsure how to go about implementing a beautiful gazebo into your yard. To make this easier, we’ve compiled a list of 25 … Read more

25+ U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

storage touches with personality

Having enough countertops in your kitchen is what quickly transforms any culinary task from stressful to absolute bliss. The U-shape kitchen layout not only provides plenty of space for work zones but also keeps appliances and surfaces within close reach while offering you more than enough freedom to move. Plus, there are so many ways … Read more

25+ Indoor Plant Wall Ideas – Bring The Outside In!

indoor plant wall ideas

Plant Walls For Everyone Plant walls can be made from a countless number of materials, and you could take inspiration from a variety of setups to create your own. With 25+ indoor plant wall ideas, you may be able to upcycle a myriad of objects in your house to build a lush plant wall in … Read more

25 Ideas For Plants That Are Good For Indoor Hanging

ideas for indoor hanging

In recent years, the popularity of houseplants has quickly driven up demand. There are only so many wide-lipped windowsills and sunny spots in our homes, but a plethora of plants are good for indoor hanging! Many possible varieties of plants are available to hang around and relax in your home. Now that indoor hanging is … Read more

25+ Moroccan Living Room Ideas

moroccan living room ideas

Take a trip to North Africa with these 25+ Moroccan living room ideas. Moroccan living rooms are warm, convivial, and cozy with plenty of extra drama and flourishes. But the true beauty of Moroccan design is how well it pairs with other styles. Try Moroccan accessories with mid-century modern furniture or adopt a sleek monochromatic … Read more

Do Indoor Plants Attract Bugs?

do indoor plants attract bugs

If you’ve purchased a good few houseplants lately, you may ask yourself, do indoor plants attract bugs? Without question, they sure do. Any plant growth can attract insects regardless of location, and houses provide an ideal climate for bugs and their offspring. Which Bugs Do Indoor Plants Attract? According to Dr. Joey Williamson and Janet … Read more

17 Yoga Room Color Ideas For a Calm and Tranquil Space

yoga room with curtains and warmth

Your yoga room is a place for meditation, exercise, and peace. Choosing the right color for your yoga room is important since the color of the room can affect the way you feel in it. You want to choose tranquil colors that can help align your chakras, and avoid colors that cause anxiety. Light, pastel … Read more

25+ Unique Birdbaths

unique bird baths

Birdbaths are an adorable addition to any backyard. Having a cute, well-placed birdbath is sure to attract a variety of feathered friends to your home. This ensures that you have nice outdoor decor, while also helping out the local bird populations. However, you might not be sure exactly what kind of birdbath to add to … Read more

30 Fabulous Kitchen Pass-Through Ideas – Walk this Way!

With our lives impacted by the effects of Covid-19, families are steering away from the typical open concept kitchen when it comes to our living spaces.  Now that homeowners are spending more time in the house and are having to use their living quarters dually as living and workspaces, many are finding that the open … Read more

26 Zen Garden Ideas – Create A Peaceful And Stylish Outdoor Space

zen garden ideas

Introduce wellbeing in your life with these 25+ Zen garden ideas. A yard is a refuge from the outside world for many people. You can create your dedicated space by expanding this concept for quiet contemplation. Japanese Buddhist monks were the original creators of the Zen garden or karesansui as places of meditation. Any home … Read more

25 Yellow Bedroom Ideas – Be Bright, Be Bold!!

yellow bedroom ideas

Cheer up your interiors with these 25 Yellow bedroom ideas. You can give your bedroom an infusion of sunny decor. Impressive yellow bedrooms can make the interior look brighter, warm, and cozy. Your bedroom can provide a truly eclectic feel with the addition of bold modern pieces, traditional accents, and creamy drapings. Neon wall art … Read more

25+ Treehouse Ideas For Both Children And Adults!

treehouse ideas

Get inspired to build a miniature retreat for yourselves with these 25+ Treehouse Ideas. Contrary to popular opinion, treehouses are not just for kids. Adult treehouses have also gained momentum and are becoming quite popular. Many people are considering taking high ground between the birds and branches to find peace and relaxation. With an adult … Read more

25+ Backyard Pavilions Ideas

backyard pavilions

Design an exquisite pavilion for your backyard with these 25+ Backyard pavilion ideas. Imagine spending more time outdoors regardless of the weather and time. A pavilion is an additional structure that would let you enjoy the same. You can design it to blend it with your home decor. Backyard pavilions are multifunctional and can assist … Read more

25+ Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

ideas for vaulted ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are one of the best ways to open up space in your home, and the perfect stylish design to keep your room from feeling claustrophobic. With the right design choices, you can have an eye-catching space that feels open and welcoming. Kitchens are one of the best places to have a vaulted ceiling. … Read more

20 Kayak Storage Ideas You’ll Love This Summer!

kayak storage ideas

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable exercises and activities around. It’s a great workout that is simultaneously adventurous and relaxing. When you get home and it’s time to put your kayak away, though, the fun disappears pretty quickly. That’s why it’s so useful to have a good kayak storage system. Check out 20 of … Read more

20 Design Ideas to Turn Your Kitchen into a Tropical Paradise

decor ideas to turn your kitchen into a tropical paradise

If you’re trudging through the winter months or located in a land-locked area, you might be daydreaming of warm island breezes, tropical cocktails, and the sound of waves against white sand beaches. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, and your heart is in the Caribbean, why not bring the tropics to you? … Read more

15 Gift Ideas For The Chef Or Cook In Your Life

gift idea for chef cooks

Picking a good gift for someone who cooks for a profession or at home as a hobby is no easy feat, as they are likely to have most of the common tools they need for their kitchen. That’s why you’ll need to think outside the box to please your culinarily gifted friend or family member! … Read more

19 Two-Color Combination Ideas for Bedroom Walls

two colour bedroom wall combination ideas

Having more than one paint color in your bedroom is one of the best ways to punch up the style without being a home renovation expert. All that’s required of you is to get a little bit creative, and paint carefully with a lot of painter’s tape! If you want to upgrade your bedroom style, … Read more

22 Outdoor Tile Ideas That’ll Bring Your Creativity Outside

outdoor tile ideas

Tile is one of the coolest materials around, and one of the most ancient. For thousands of years, artisans have been getting extremely creative with tile, and the results are pretty much always spectacular. If you’re designing your backyard space, and are thinking of something other than a wooden deck or concrete patio, the outdoor … Read more

16 Sensible Alternatives to Sliding Glass Doors

alternatives sliding glass doors

Today I am going to start off our article with a little story about myself. It is a story that perhaps some of you can relate to, as you may have experienced the same or a similar thing. The humorous story is about me running into a sliding glass door by accident. Sound familiar? It … Read more

Should You Wash New Sheets? The Answer is Simple

should you wash new sheets

Should you wash new sheets or can you just use them as soon as you receive them? If that’s your question too, we’ve got you covered! So, you have finally done it, you have finally gotten rid of those old sheets and invested in some brand spanking new ones. You get home, take the sheets … Read more