20 Design Ideas to Turn Your Kitchen into a Tropical Paradise

If you’re trudging through the winter months or located in a land-locked area, you might be daydreaming of warm island breezes, tropical cocktails, and the sound of waves against white sand beaches. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, and your heart is in the Caribbean, why not bring the tropics to you? … Read more

15 Gift Ideas For The Chef Or Cook In Your Life

15 gift idea for chef cooks 1

Picking a good gift for someone who cooks for a profession or at home as a hobby is no easy feat, as they are likely to have most of the common tools they need for their kitchen. That’s why you’ll need to think outside the box to please your culinarily gifted friend or family member! … Read more

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets For Cooks & Chefs


Stainless steel is the cookware of choice for everyday cooks. Not only is stainless steel the most affordable option, it’s also one of the easiest to maintain. It resists warping, is easy to clean and can be used on any cooktop surface. Just about every cookware brand offers a stainless steel collection, but the two brands … Read more

24 Raised Bed Gardening Examples For Fruit, Veg or Flowers

Using raised garden beds to grow fruit and vegetables, or even plants, flowers and shrubs is a great idea for those of us who struggle to get down low to the ground or those of us who prefer a low maintenance garden with less weeding. Here are some great examples of raised beds you can … Read more

26 Stunning Winter Garden Images From People’s Yards


Our gardens transform in the winter months as frost, snow and the cold weather bring stunning new aspects to plans, trees, and wildlife. In this gallery, we will see some amazing images captured from people back yards. A blue tit sits on a frost encrusted branch looking lovingly at the frozen berries. Birds survive on … Read more

3 of The Best Premium Cookware Sets For Cooks & Chefs


Premium cookware may come at a higher price, but it is well worth the cost. The performance and durability of cookware in this category are unmatched by lower-priced competitors. While the market is small in this price range, there are a few sets that stand out in the crowd. Mauviel M’Heritage Copper 7-Piece Set ​Mauviel … Read more

The Best Copper Cookware Sets – Suitable For Most People


Copper cookware is the best cookware money can buy. Found in gourmet and commercial kitchens all over the world, this cooking material is revered for its exceptional ability to conduct and distribute heat. Over the years, copper cookware has come a long way and is now easier to maintain than ever before. The three brands … Read more