Flowers That Start With The Letter A

flowers that start with a

As you are making your gardening list for the season, you may want to have plenty of options so that you can have the best flowers for your gardens! Flowers that start with A could be a good start for your list, and soon your property could be filled with blooms. 25 Flowers That Start … Read more

Pepper Plants Turning Yellow – What You Need To Know & Do

pepper plants turning yellow

Why Are My Pepper Plants Turning Yellow? As you are gardening this summer in your backyard, you may notice that particular problems occasionally arise. Certainly, pepper leaves turning yellow is a common issue that gardeners face every year. With living on seven acres of land, every year it seems that I expand my vegetable garden … Read more

25+ Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

indoor plant stand ideas

Most of the time, houseplant enthusiasts are constantly searching for more space for their green friends. If you find yourself in the same conundrum, it is time to take a stand, and maybe invest in some plant stands! Space increases ventilation which decreases pests and allows the plant to grow larger. With 25+ indoor plant … Read more

25+ Indoor Plant Wall Ideas – Bring The Outside In!

indoor plant wall ideas

Plant Walls For Everyone Plant walls can be made from a countless number of materials, and you could take inspiration from a variety of setups to create your own. With 25+ indoor plant wall ideas, you may be able to upcycle a myriad of objects in your house to build a lush plant wall in … Read more

25 Ideas For Plants That Are Good For Indoor Hanging

ideas for indoor hanging

In recent years, the popularity of houseplants has quickly driven up demand. There are only so many wide-lipped windowsills and sunny spots in our homes, but a plethora of plants are good for indoor hanging! Many possible varieties of plants are available to hang around and relax in your home. Now that indoor hanging is … Read more

Do Indoor Plants Attract Bugs?

do indoor plants attract bugs

If you’ve purchased a good few houseplants lately, you may ask yourself, do indoor plants attract bugs? Without question, they sure do. Any plant growth can attract insects regardless of location, and houses provide an ideal climate for bugs and their offspring. Which Bugs Do Indoor Plants Attract? According to Dr. Joey Williamson and Janet … Read more