16 Sensible Alternatives to Sliding Glass Doors

Today I am going to start off our article with a little story about myself. It is a story that perhaps some of you can relate to, as you may have experienced the same or a similar thing. The humorous story is about me running into a sliding glass door by accident. Sound familiar?

It was a summer's day just like any other, and I was enjoying a fresh glass of lemonade outside under the warm sun. Next thing you know, I hear the busy ring of the telephone from inside. Of course, these were back in the days when we had home phones that really knew how to loudly get your attention.

Startled, I quickly put my lemonade down and ran into the house to pick up the phone. Yes, I literally ran into the house. Meaning, the sliding door was closed and the recently cleaned glass tricked me and my senses.

So, if you are traumatized like I am then here for you, is a list of alternatives to sliding glass doors.

1. Shoji Sliding Screens

A delicate and unique alternative to a sliding glass door could be the Shoji sliding screen. It still has the same sliding effect but without the heavy glass. This beautiful lightweight option captures the tranquility and beautiful essence of Japon where it originates. Typically the screen is made from a wooden frame and then filled in with cloth, paper, or even wicker. You can find shoji screens that show off beautiful paintings or plain ones like in this example.

2. Sliding Barn Doors

This is one of the most perfect alternatives to a sliding glass door if you have that farmhouse styled home. The sliding barn door will fit in wonderfully with the vibes. Look for reclaimed wood for an especially rustic feel. The downside is that sometimes these doors can be quite heavy and you just may tire of that extra weight after a certain amount of use.

3. Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are actually not as sophisticated as they look. The almost floating-like look to them gives them a very high-end feel that is classy and sleek. Fixed with just two pivotal systems, or pivot boxes, the doors rotate from the pivots on the top and bottom of the door. This is a lot different than traditional doors that rotate from the side hinge.

4. Dutch Doors

I absolutely adore Dutch doors! There is something so romantic and whimsical about them. I can just imagine opening up the top part of the door to let in some sunlight and fresh air, while the simple smell of the apple pie baking in my oven is released into the neighborhood. Am I dreaming too much? I don't think so!

5. French Doors

Maybe you like the idea of glass doors, but you're not totally on board with the sliding part. In that case, your best option is going to be a pair of bright French doors. Probably the most common in the alternatives to sliding glass doors, french doors let just as much light in, but open up more simply with side hinges.

6. Wooden Sliding Doors

I adore this beautiful and chic sliding wooden door idea. However, it may not be the best option for something like a patio door due to the wood not being fully closed in. The slits between the wood is a nice artistic touch but may not be the most practical design. Nevertheless, it could be a great idea for a master bedroom ensuite or a laundry room for example.

7. Bi-Fold Doors

Enjoy a flexible living space with interior bi-fold doors. Although, separating your kitchen and living room isn't the only appropriate place for these functional doors. You could also use them as a patio door or even to close in a backyard deck. The textured glass is a nice touch too.

8. Glass Roll Up Doors

Overhead glass doors are installed for a garage-like feel that is both cool and classy. This is an excellent solution if you have more height than you do width in your home. Keep that full glass wall and with the mechanism of the garage door you can roll it up with just the flick of a switch.

9. Hinged Doors

Of course, we couldn't leave out the most classic door of all, the hinged door. It's what most of our houses are filled with, and there's a good reason for that. They are practical doors that don't need a lot of maintenance or an expensive budget. So, keep things simple, and see if a pair of simple hinged doors will do the job.

10. Curved French Doors

We already saw French Doors and how they can be awesome alternatives to sliding glass doors, so I just wanted to give you one other style example. These French doors have a gorgeous curve at the top which feels smooth and elegant. Could these be the doors you're looking for?

11. Swinging Doors

If you don't need the door to cover from head to toe, and you are open to the idea of your door being more open, check this out. Oldschool swinging doors like you've probably seen in every Western movie you've ever seen. The fun thing about these doors is you can really get creative with the style and design since they don't have to fill all of the gaps.

12. Revolving Doors

Who says that hotels are the only ones that can have revolving doors? Well, it just ain't true. You could really add some quirk to your eccentric home by being the only one on the block who has a revolving door. Why didn't I ever think of this idea before? It would truly make a fun addition to a backyard patio.

13. Wrought Iron Doors

If you want a more industrial, sophisticated, or sleek look then consider wrought iron for the frame of your doors. Heavy-duty, these doors will last a lot longer than a lifetime and they look very impressive. Experiment with the shape of the doors to really get the look you are wanting.

14. Accordion Doors

A lightweight option that is playful and quaint. Accordion doors can be found made out of wood, vinyl, or even fabric. It's easy to find bright and bold colors as well as natural-looking styles in these adaptable and diverse doors.

15. Bamboo Doors

What does your backyard look like? Do you have that sort-of bohemian-chic Tulum vibe? Or that tiki getaway look? If you are wanting a door that mixes well with a more natural style, then consider bamboo doors. You can find some that are on hinges, ones that rotate like the pivot doors, or ones that swing with just a push of the hand. Make sure to look into where the bamboo is coming from before purchasing to ensure you aren't doing harm to the environment.

16. Fancy Doors

If you don't want just a boring glass sliding door, then upgrading to some ordinary wooden doors might not be for you either. There is, of course, always the possibility to go big and go bold. Fancy and exquisite, perhaps you want a door that grabs people's attention and makes an impressive statement. Look for lots of detail, bright colors, and interesting little extras that set it apart from any old regular door.