About HomeScopes

Ever since I was young, I can remember being mesmerized by the different building styles each country has. At 8-years old, I would draw the perfect home that I would live in one day when I was older.

This passion for buildings continued to grow throughout my life and spanned into interior design, how you can transform your home with clever use of the garden and new and unique design practices to make your home a place where you just love to be.

One of my most favorite past times involves flipping through home & garden magazines, looking for new ideas. When I decided to start a blog, the natural choice of topics for me was a home and garden design and landscaping blog.  It’s a complete passion project.

About HomeScopes

HomeScopes covers everything about the home & garden with an emphasis placed on interior/exterior design, landscaping and making the most of your garden lifestyle.

The majority of my blog content is inspirations images, as I can see no better way to showcase ideas that provoke daydreaming thoughts of the perfect summer day, with the family enjoying your own little piece of serenity.

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